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Nickname: I don’t really have one, a few people call me Ames.


Fav quote: You do you Boo.

What does going FULL TILT mean to me: It means giving 100% of YOU, not what other people except of you..just your true and authentic self. It means pushing yourself and giving it your all in every aspect of your life.


What riders can expect from my class: Riders can expect to get lost in the music, I put so much thought and effort into each playlist. They can expect to be pushed to their limits in a safe environment and have so much fun doing it. My goal is to have riders leave happy, sweaty and so proud of themselves.

Something crazy about myself: I love to sing and when I ride at home I belt out lyrics. Maybe one day it will accidentally happen in class lol.

Music style:  Old and new hip hop, current pop and rap.



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