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Nickname: Dee


Fav quote: “You're stronger than you think”

What does going FULL TILT mean to me: I go Full Tilt in EVERYTHING in my life. Going Full Tilt is going to be giving it your all, leaving it all on the bike. Forgetting about your shitty morning, bad meeting, kids, and cooking dinner and being present for YOU time.


What riders can expect from my class: You can expect killer music, my crazy vibes, some F Bombs, and leaving with a badass attitude. I’m going to leave you wanting to come back for more, and trust me… you will.

Something crazy about myself: I’m a kindergarten teacher by day, mom of two by night. I love EVERYTHING fitness related and truly want to be the best version of myself.

Music style:  Top 40s, Reggae, some Britney too.



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