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Nickname: Janer or Kiki

Fav quote: "Everything happens for a reason." 

What does going FULL TILT mean to me: Going Full Tilt is more than just showing up: It's giving your best day in and day out. It's getting on that bike ready to ride with hustle and swagger. It's riding with your heart open to yourself and the family of riders around you. It's accepting, chasing and embracing that getting out of your comfort zone is where change will happen – physically, mentally and spiritually. Going Full Tilt is a privilege. 

What riders can expect from my class: I’m going to challenge you to get uncomfortable, get to breathless, find your edge and then jump over it  - all while riding to great music! My classes are not complicated, they just aren’t easy. 

Something crazy about myself: I can’t wink. So if you see me blink at you, it might just be a wink 

Music style:  Strong beats!



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