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winter has arrived, full tilt!

Winter has arrived, Full Tilt! This weather might be putting a damper on your weekly routines - with bus cancellations and rough road conditions. Although, we couldn’t have asked for a prettier start to December, we here at the studio understand that unforeseen circumstances can be a cause for a late cancel. Please feel free to give our Peterborough location a shout during class times, or reach out on facebook and let us know if you can’t make it to a class this winter due to weather! We will also be cancelling any classes where we find the driving conditions to be less than safe for both of our riders and instructors! We appreciate your business and wish for everyone to have a safe and healthy holiday season! Cancellations will be posted on our instagram, you may also receive a personal email from our staff if your name is on a class list. Make sure you’re keeping up with our email newsletters and checking our instagram/facebook for the latest promotions and monthly challenges. We love seeing all of your posts, make sure you’re tagging your favourite instructors and the studio! Let’s grow this amazing and uplifting community! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for going Full Tilt. 


Full Tilt Team

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