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Nickname: Doogs (for maiden name) and Yaya (given to me by my nephew!) 

Fav quote: 'The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.' 

What does going FULL TILT mean to me:
Full Tilt means not holding back and leaving your inhibitions in your dust. Giving your 110% and then wow-ing yourself at your strength!!

What riders can expect from my class: Motivating, FUN and mindful ride for the amazing new mom's in the community! Bring your beautiful babe and show them how strong and positive Mama is (plus make some new friends!)! 

Something crazy about myself: I love to sing/perform Disney songs to my babe at full blast in the kitchen (dance moves, too!). Channeling my inner Ariel/Belle/Elsa every morning! 

Music style:  Super eclectic! In my class, you'll likely hear some Beyoncé, Drake and other pop jams. Don't be surprised if I bust out a Hip Hop, dance, country, folk or country song, too!


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