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Additional Protocols

Additional deep cleaning measures between classes and no need to clean your own bike after class.

Hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio.

Temperature checks.

One time use disinfectant wipes available.

Bikes spread out and at least 6 ft apart.

One Full Tilt Cycle staff member in the studio at a time.


Our New APP and Wearables!

We have a new app (search "Full Tilt Cycle") and booking system to reserve your bike and track your sweaty adventures. We have new wearable heart monitors that link to the system and let you know how much you kicked butt each ride. It will track progress, challenges, scheduled classes, and all the fun that goes with riding at Full Tilt. Want one? Let us know and we will have it ready for you at your next ride!


Packages to Purchase

Although we are not moving forward with monthly memberships fees at this time, class packs are the way to go and we have chosen NOT to increase the price AND have even provided a 50 class pack at our lowest rate! Purchase, ride (up to 50 times), repeat!


Reservations and Cancellations

All class payments and reservations/cancellations must be done through our website/app. This will avoid any crowding around the front desk and will allow for safe entry and exit from the studio.

All reservation cancellations must be done online on the day preceding the scheduled class and no exceptions will be granted, as the number of available bikes in each class has been significantly reduced to 11. This will give as many riders as possible the opportunity to reserve a spot in the class they want.


Check-in and What to Bring

Check-in when you arrive at the front desk by noting to our staff your name and we will check you in.

It is recommended to bring your own personal belongings in a bag to minimize items being spread around.

We will no longer have rental cleats available. Please remember to bring clean, suitable shoes as no outdoor shoes will be allowed in the studio. Wear your outdoor pair in as far as the front room and carry your indoor shoes in. This is very much appreciated and necessary.

If you value a towel during your ride, please bring your own, or we have some to purchase. Like to stretch or crunch out some abs after class on a mat? Please also bring your own!

We now have water for sale or bring your water bottle already filled up and ready to drink. It's a necessity!

Ideally, we have a card on file for any payments to be made to us for any of the above-mentioned items.



Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before class. Entry into the studio will be staggered as much as possible in order to respect social distancing. Enter, suit up, check-in, and proceed to your bike.



No latecomers will be permitted into the studio as the doors will be locked at the start time of the class.


Pre and Post Class

Stay in your space and minimize the use of the restrooms if possible. No showers or change rooms will be available at this time.



We ask that you remain in class for its entire duration, including the 5 minute stretch at the end, as this will allow for a safe, socially distant exit that everyone will appreciate. Please make sure to gather all personal belongings before leaving the studio. Our instructors and staff will guide you as you exit the studio in order to avoid any crowding.


Complementary Items

Any high-touch amenities such as feminine hygiene products, hair elastics, etc. will no longer be available around the studio. These items will still be available upon request at the front desk.

Again, things are different but because of your support and understanding, Full Tilt Cycle will be able to continue our small business in Peterborough and offer our incredible, inspiring workouts with our talented staff.


Please reach out if you have any questions.

Hope to see you soon and THANK YOU!


Erin and Sadie

Full Tilt Cycle Peterborough Owners

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